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Hmm, did you know that Bill Watterson has a new book out about Calvin and Hobbes? The book is called Exploring Calvin and Hobbes: An Exhibition Catalogue and it is a companion piece to the “Exploring Calvin and Hobbes” exhibition at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library at Ohio State University. In some ways, this is […]


This is amazing!!! Calvin and Hobbes creator and illustrator Bill Watterson has emerged out of retirement/hiding with the first brand-new artwork since ending his famed comic strip Calvin and Hobbes in 1995. Watterson illustrated the poster for a new documentary called Stripped which profiles some of the best comic and cartoonists of the day. The […]


This is the first I’m hearing about this Kickstarter project called Dear Mr. Watterson (which was funded successfully last summer) but it’s worth noting still. Joel Schroeder, a fellow Calvin and Hobbes comic lover, has raised enough money to start production on a documentary about how the classic comicstrip Calvin and Hobbes has changed the […]


According to a recent auction listing, this very rare original and colored Calvin and Hobbes comic strip sold for $203,150. The auction listing says that this piece was gifted to Brian Basset, creator of the popular strips Adam@Home and Red and Rover, back in 1986 and has up until now remained in the Basset family. […]


I was reading this post over at Vintage Children’s Books My Kids LoveĀ and came across something that I’ve never heard discussed about Calvin and Hobbes and its author Bill Watterson. It’s well-known that Bill Watterson didn’t like the idea of licensing his beloved comic book characters from Calvin and Hobbes out for merchandising sales. Over […]

Jim Frommeyer and Teague Chrystie created this touching snowmen tribute to Bill Watterson and his beloved comic “Calvin and Hobbes”.