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I really like this set of photos posted at PDN of Israeli photographer Natan Dvir’s response to being bombarded by massive billboards and advertising upon a visit to NYC. He waits for the perfect moment to catch seemingly small NYC citizens against these massive “Coming Soon” backdrops. The result is a bit unnerving yet amusing. […]


Nobody seems to be talking about this except Public Ad Campaign, but here’s the cold hard truth: Outdoor advertising is getting longer, and it’s not making our cities look any better.


Photo by Tim Simmons I really like the Urban Land Project by Tim Simmons. The project consists of several large-scale billboards in Los Angeles and Philadelphia that have been re-purposed with natural landscapes instead of traditional ads. The billboard photos are positioned right smack dab in the middle of very populated urban areas and offer […]

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Click to enlarge Very recently, Shaun White launched a line of apparel and accessories for Target that has helped put some of White’s slick fashion sense into the hands of the American shopper. To celebrate this collaboration, Target has unveiled some very large-scale billboards in New York’s Times Square that look pretty cool. The billboards […]

Engadget has a fabulous video interview with Meric Adriansen, one of the designers for some of Times Square’s most engaging and in-your-face advertisements. Meric’s designs end up using some of today’s most hi-tech computer setups just to display several seconds of advertising in a loop. Pretty fascinating info overall.