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Gawker¬†shared this interesting video of a man explaining what $1 billion looks like. Mind boggling to see just how much money that is, even if it’s shown in a simple text file.


Photo: Sang Tan/AP It made for a funny story, but c’mon folks, are you really that gullible? Stories of Samsung paying Apple $1 billion in nickels (or some other form of coinage) via a cavalcade of trucks are highly unbelievable and 100% false according to Snopes. As it stands anyway, Samsung might not end up […]


The once-mighty titan of the cellphone industry has fallen far from the top, reporting today a $3.6 billion net loss for the 4th quarter of 2008. Damn. Here’s what about $2 billion worth of pennies looks like (approximately 200 billion pennies).