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In Brad Downey’s latest installation, watch as one garbage bin squirts water into a trash container over a fence. This installation is located in Hamburg, Germany and was commissioned by Dockville Kunst Camp.

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Just a quick update on that news story about that mysterious woman who threw a cat into a trash bin. Apparently she’s been identified and named as Mary Bale, a 45-year-old woman who loves cats and cannot explain what possessed her to do such a thing. A very weird story…

Take a look at this horrifying surveillance video of an elderly woman petting a cat and then suddenly dumping it into a trash can. The cat was stuck for about 15 hours in the bin until its owners found it and rescued it out. Thankfully, it sounds like the cat was alright in the end. […]

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A1 shows off some of the beautiful outdoor furniture design work made jointly by BMW Group DesignworksUSA and Landscape Forms. The Metro40 collection is transit based and includes a trash bin, a bike rack, a bus shelter, a map frame, two types of benches, two light fixtures, and a bollard. It’s an incredibly sophisticated look […]


With the exception of a photograph here and there, I rarely ever post my own work up here on Doobybrain.com. But lately, I’ve been going to new places and shooting new things (meaning, I’m not taking photos in New York City) and I think that that has somewhat reinvigorated my love for photography. Part of […]