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Wow, thisĀ is cool. Lyman Connor was inspired by a man with no hand at a hospital and set out to build a cheaper functioning bionic hand for him.

No surprise here really, but this bionic hand sure resembles the Terminator exoskeleton in T2.

An Austrian man named Milo has opted to have his injured hand cut off and swapped out for a bionic one. He is only the 2nd person in the world to do so and the procedure will allow him to regain control of his hand movements which he has been without for over 10 years. […]

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Photo: AP Photo/Jim Incledon/PA Oscar the cat is being hailed as the world’s first true bionic feline. After losing his two hind legs in a combine harvester, Oscar was outfitted with metallic pegs as feet. Those metal pegs were then surrounded by growth tissue and injected with cells that allow tissue to grow over them […]

A US company named Festo has developed an underwater autonomous vehicle named the Aqua Penguin that is modeled after an actual penguin’s features. The bionic robot can swim, maneuver, and speed along just like a real penguin underwater. The only real obvious difference between this robot and a real penguin is the glowing blue eyes […]