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Navid Baraty’s photos may give you vertigo. No idea how he shoots them, but it looks like he’s basically hanging over the ledge of buildings or sticking out his camera on a pole and hoping to God it doesn’t fall down.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen fireworks lit from this point of view. It’s certainly interesting to watch.


Photo: Ed Ruscha I really love this series of photos of parking lots from above by Ed Ruscha. But Does It Float has a gallery of selects to view if you’re so inclined to click on through. I know he’s got a bunch of books out, but does anybody know if any particular one title […]

A company called C3 has gotten pretty close to perfected the technology used in created 3D bird’s eye view imagery of cities. Using a special rig and a plane, C3 is able to compile the images it captures so that the bird’s eye view is adjustable based on the angle and position you are viewing […]

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Christoph Gielen photographs communities from the sky. I only selected a few below so you should definitely go to his website and check out the rest. Man, if he had a book out I’d buy it. I love this sort of photography. Also, posted previously, his work on The New York Times.


Photo: NASA/JSC When I first saw this photo on The Big Picture I seriously thought it was a set of pie charts on a spreadsheet. It turns out that it’s actually a bunch of roads and circular fields in Egypt.