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These DP/30 interviews are some of the smartest, most in-depth, and most fascinating celebrity interviews I’ve watched. This one with Mila Kunis, shot during her time filming Black Swan.

Black Swan still holds its place as one of the best films I’ve seen lately. So naturally I would find this Black Swan visual effects reel from LookFX extraordinary. And well, I do! Watch this if you enjoyed the film! Thanks Joyce!

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Photo by Peter Lindbergh for Vogue Wow, talk about unexpected news! I read today that Natalie Portman is now engaged to her Black Swan co-star Benjamin Millepied and is also expecting their first child together (due sometime in 2011). SURPRISE!!

SoundWorks Collection – The Sound of “Black Swan” from Michael Coleman on Vimeo. If you haven’t seen Black Swan yet, do yourself a favor and go see it. It’s an incredible movie that will twist your mind and really make you wonder about what the hell is going on in the film. This SoundWorks Collection […]

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HOLY MOLY. This movie is seriously edge-of-your-seat nervousness and questioning the whole way through. Darren Aronofsky has a very peculiar way of creating suspenseful mystery and this movie certainly has that at 100% from beginning to end. My verdict? You gotta go see this in theaters. There’s a reason it’s got 8.9/10 on IMDB. Man, […]

I didn’t know Athlete put this out, and seeing that this video has about 3100 views makes me think that many of you don’t know this either. But I discovered this 40-minute documentary for the song “Black Swan” which is about the grandfather of Joel Pott, the lead singer for Athlete. Major John Pott (the […]