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I had no idea that Cereal Magazine had such a beautiful blog (or rather, Journal) that took you basically around the world to all sorts of wonderful places. The North Cornish Coast is shown here. You should see the rest of the post.

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Umm, this might be my new favorite Tumblr. UZICOPTER is a Tumblr owned by Signalnoise that collects awesome ’80s visualizations. You know, lasers, neon lights, rainbow fades, red glowing orbs…that sort of stuff. All for you to look at and scroll through.

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Amazing relaunch of John Prolly’s (not his real name) website. It’s now known as The Radavist and that’s where you should be going to get all of your bike news fix! Congrats!!


The latest Poler Adventure blog is amazing. Filled with beautiful images of the Arctic by Marlon Geller, Matt Leif Anderson, and Randy P. Martin.

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You may have heard that last week Facebook announced that it bought Whatsapp for $16 billion (some places are reporting $19 billion). Whatever the real price is, it’s safe to say that that amount of money is astronomical. I can’t even think of anything that would cost that much. Thankfully, there’s Things That Are Cheaper […]


Ghost is a beautiful new online writing platform that focuses purely on blogging. It was recently successfully funded on Kickstarter which means that it will soon be available to the general public for free. That’s spectacular and I’m actually pretty excited to try it.