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This is the promo video of RealMac Software’s Typed blogging platform. Not sure exactly how this compares to Ghost, but it sure looks and acts similarly.


Ghost is a beautiful new online writing platform that focuses purely on blogging. It was recently successfully funded on Kickstarter which means that it will soon be available to the general public for free. That’s spectacular and I’m actually pretty excited to try it.

Wow, after watching this video, I cannot wait for John and his team to release Ghost. He takes the best of what WordPress used to be and combines it with some of the greatest programming minds of the day to create a visually captivating blogging platform with blogging at the forefront. I can stand behind […]

I wholeheartedly agree with Google here. I get a few emails every week asking me if somebody can guest blog for me about “any topic I want” and every time I read these emails red flags pop up in my head. I know these are linkbaits at their core and often times I ignore the […]