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This amazing macro video of a mosquito sucking human blood was taken with a Canon SX200 with a +12 diopter close-up lens. Extremely clear for that type of setup!

If you’re wondering why it’s possible to be killed by a king cobra snake’s venom, well here’s your answer. The venom basically clots your blood into a pudding-like state.

ABOVE paints a large wall mural in Johannesburg, South Africa in the heart of one of the largest diamond trading districts in the world. He told folks that he would paint “Diamonds are a woman’s best friend” and quickly flipped the switch on property owners with his final message. See the video above.

Watching this music video made me so uncomfortable. And yes, that’s the band name up there.


Photographer Corey Arnold posted this stunning photo from a recent batch of images he took while traveling with a friend (and fisherman) near the mouth of the Kvichak River. Crazy!