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This thin, flat sheet of foil is connected to an Arduino board which senses when a person comes near. When a person does get close, the tin foil shrinks and collapses. This neat piece of art is part of the TalkToMe project by Professor Andreas Muxel at the Köln International School of Design, Cologne, Germany.


This is a beautiful prototype board game created by Caleb Heisey. It centers around music history, theory, listening comprehension, and composition — essentially, a Cranium for music lovers. Unfortunately, he hasn’t gotten anybody to pick up the board game production just yet, but man, if this was on sale, I’d probably buy one.

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BoingBoing links to an article over at Harper’s Magazine that goes into detail about the origins of the popular board game Monopoly. The article states that the original idea for the game goes back as far as 1903, several decades before Hasbro’s official year for the origin of the game which it says got started in 1933. […]

Ander here has made his own custom Ableton Live board with colorful LED lights. Basically, the coolest looking setup at the club.

This giant ticker board made of 44,000 electromagnetic dots flipping from black to white super-fast is made by BREAKFAST for TNT’s show Perception. The giant display can be seen now at 32nd Street and 6th Ave until July 29th. [via]