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Hello World by Valentin Ruhry: a large 185 x 265 cm board filled with orange illuminated light switches which spell out the phrase “Hello World“.


Photo: The Boston Globe, Oct. 8, 1925 Once upon a time, The Boston Globe utilized a series of blackboards in front of their building to get big news out to the masses on the street. This of course was a time before electronic devices were delivering breaking (and non-breaking) news stories 24/7 so the job […]

Terri, Norman, Simon and I always talk about playing this together. Turns out the game is available on Amazon for less than $20!


The Daily Mail has a photo of the recently auctioned original Monopoly game board made by Charles Darrow. Charles Darrow reportedly made about 5000 of these and this is the only one that still exists. It is made from a piece of oilcloth and is shaped like a circle 33-inches in diameter instead of the […]

Kottke posted this hilarious video of two people essentially playing speed Monopoly. If you’ve ever played the classic board game, you’ll know that Monopoly is no easy game to complete in a timely manner (games often run for several hours). If you’re curious, here’s what just happened in the video above.