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DUALITY – Atlantic City Sound and Light Show – July 4th from Moment Factory on Vimeo. Never seen this before. Looks amazing as all 3D projection mapping videos do.

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A furniture company named uhuru has created some pieces of furniture out of the demolished Coney Island boardwalk from earlier this year. The Coney Island Line includes the lounge chair above, a couple of tables, and a lamp, all made from reclaimed boardwalk wood from Brooklyn’s iconic amusement park. Pretty neat!


I made it underneath the Coney Island boardwalk yesterday. It’s a magical place! You can hear the conversations up above and the streaming sunlight through the slits in the wood is amazing. Most of the area is walkable standing upright, but there are some sections where the sand piles up so high that you have […]


Curbed linked to the documentary photography work of Nathan Kensinger who recently went to photograph underneath the Coney Island boardwalk. I don’t venture out to Coney Island much and I honestly had no idea that there was even access to the area beneath the boardwalk. Does anybody know if it’s easy to get down there?