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This is one side of the 9/11 story that I haven’t heard of or seen until today. A bone-chilling account of how boat captains of all backgrounds came together without hesitation on the morning of 9/11 to help ferry people off Manhattan island. There’s no doubt that these people helped save many lives that day.

The Newtown Creek Armada preview from Newtown Creek Armada on Vimeo. From September 8-30th, Nathan Kensinger is letting the public pilot a couple of remote controlled boats set in Newton Creek so people can get a close-up look at what exactly is in this highly polluted Superfund site. The video above gives a preview of […]


Photo: Arjan Elmendorp Ship Spotting posted this image of a ship carrying ships that ship things. And that’s how it’s done!

Philip Bloom borrowed Eric Kessler’s RED Epic for a few days and found Mike the owner of Great Lakes Boat Building Company, a wooden boat company. Wooden boats are rare to come by these days and Mike’s expertise and skill in making them from hand is even rarer. The detail shots in this video are […]

Boats*Cars*Dollars*Girls*Helicopters*Jewellery*Skylines from Thomas Traum on Vimeo. Thomas Traum makes an attempt at the quintessential hip-hop music video by mashing together some of the elements of typical hip-hop music videos into one big sequence. The result is something he likes to call Boats*Cars*Dollars*Girls*Helicopters*Jewellery*Skylines. [via]