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Ever wonder what it’s like to dress and care for deceased people in preparation for their funeral? Here’s a video showing just that.

New music video from Miike Snow! It’s been a while! Thanks Rami!

While watching a recent lunar eclipse video, Brad Goodspeed imagined what the Earth would look like if it were in the place of the Moon. Then, things got crazy and he started replacing the Moon not just with Earth, but with other planets like Mars, Neptune, and Jupiter! He made this animation to show just […]


I came across this incredibly sad and interesting article yesterday about the unsettling story (or possible myth) of several hikers ascending Mount Everest who walked right past a freezing man on their trail up to the top of the mountain. The part of the mountain in which this happens is known as “The Death Zone”, […]


Photo: Dominic Nahr for The Wall Street Journal This photo is just heartbreaking. The situation in Haiti is so dire that people are really left with no choice but to get the bodies out of the main city as quickly as possible — and the only way to do that is to put the bodiesĀ into […]