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I have this place on my list of places to visit. I just haven’t made it to Las Vegas yet. But when I do, the Neon Museum will be my first stop. My 2nd stop will be Dig This.

This is a fascinating video of artist Paul White who visited several aircraft boneyards in California and Arizona as well as a few dilapidated towns in between and created illustrations based on his travels. His journey has allowed him to create the images below. You can see more here.

An aircraft parked in the Mojave desert aircraft boneyard repeatedly had its nose lifted into the air as 70MPH winds and an area of low pressure swirled about the area. It’s like magic! [via]

Filmed and edited by Waylon Bone, this short clip from the DVD features skateboarder Aaron Herrington doing his thing and doing it better than you.


A Mental Floss contributor visited the off-limits airplane graveyard in the Mojave Desert recently and has some photos to show of the place. I could do without the HDR, but whatever, the place is still fascinating.