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Check this out. Nathaniel Hood staged his own engagement shoot in the middle of the suburbs and came out with what looks to be the most boring engagement photo session ever. Why is this though? There’s a lot that can be said from these images. But the biggest one is the fact that couples hardly ever shoot […]

So funny. This guy bought a GoPro and started filming his everyday life only to realize that, yeah, he’s pretty boring. And you probably are too. I mean, not everyone skydives, drifts, and does flips every second of the day, right?

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Since opening its doors on Bowery in 2007 I’ve always wanted to visit the New Museum. I’ve never been to any of its previous locations nor seen any of the work exhibited inside so I was a bit curious and excited to go. Maybe I just don’t have the eye or heart for this sort […]

I’ve always wondered how 24-hour news channels like CNN fill their time with slower-moving news stories like this. I don’t watch it 24/7, but I imagine the sentiments to be somewhat close to what’s happening in The Onion news story above.


I should have known better. A film that plasters its own movie poster with that many film emblems has to be bad — and it sure was. I can understand the whole point of the film wanting to show how parking attendants chose an alternative lifestyle only to be berated by the general public for […]

One of my favorite songs of the moment unfortunately comes with a pretty boring music video. Oh well, this is why they call it a song and not a movie.