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This is pretty awesome. Method has made a line of soap bottles made from plastic retrieved and recycled from the Pacific Garbage Patch. Together with Envision Plastics, Method sent a bunch of volunteers to hand-collect plastic bits from the ocean to bring them back to create plastic bottles. While not a perfect solution to the […]


I love this molded felt chair made by Benjamin Hubert. It is constructed from recycled PET bottles and surrounds the sitter completely from 3 sides so as to not allow any distractions to come into view. I like!

A lesson in hype vs science. Plastic bottles won’t kill you, even if you leave them in a hot car.


Matte black glass bottles look amazing. People should do this more.

I’m not exactly a fan of the highly-edited jam-mix here, but it’s really cool that Nike is making these hi-tech soccer uniforms out of 96% recycling plastics (13 bottles for each uniform to be exact).