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I’m more of a Dropbox user myself, but I’m hoping that this incredibly storage deal from Box will somehow push Dropbox to give at least that much amount of space to users for free. Here’s hoping…PLEASE…please…


This image of a giant Amazon box being delivered via flatbed truck was just posted to Reddit. Word is that this is an actual shipment, quite possibly 1 of 3 select customers chosen by Nissan and Amazon to receive their brand new Nissan Versa hatchback in this fashion. Incredible.

This is a fantastic idea.¬†Ecovative Design¬†has developed a way to grow and mold mushrooms to act as a substitute for styrofoam packaging. It protects items just the same as styrofoam with the added benefit of the mushrooms being biodegradable, organic, and compostable. You can of course use them again for packaging other things, but if […]

Interesting! This machine scans any number of items needed for shipment and automatically cuts a box that will fit those items exactly for shipment!

There’s a lively discussion going on right now surrounding this Rapid Packing Container concept that aims to “revolutionize” the cardboard box industry with a box that is less wasteful and easier to use. A lot of the comments come from UPS handlers or large-scale shippers who make note of the Rapid Packing Container’s easily openable […]