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Last fall, black dust began to blow through residential neighborhoods on the southeast side of Chicago. Only it wasn’t really dust; it was a fine black residue that clung to everything it touched, including noses and throats. Residents eventually learned that it was an oil byproduct called petroleum coke — petcoke for short — and […]

I originally posted this on Coudal when I was guest editor there, but I haven’t had time to post it here yet. Basically, Banksy looks like he’s out with his projects again, this time installing a kiddie ride at the Brighton Pier in the shape of a dolphin entangled in a net and jumping over […]

It’s pretty much official now. Sometime later today, BP CEO Tony Hayward is expected to officially announce that he is stepping down as the company’s CEO. Ever since the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion in the Gulf Coast, Tony Hayward has been a target of media ridicule for saying some awfully insensitive comments regarding the […]

Canon 5D Mark II Aerial Drone Over the Gulf Of Mexico Captuing Oil Spill from perspectiveAerials on Vimeo. Man, this is so risky and yet they do it anyway in order to capture some photos of the oil leak in the Gulf Coast. [via]

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Photo: Dave Martin/AP – Click to enlarge If you live in Orange Beach, Alabama, you’re the lucky recipient of some of the nation’s oiliest waters, courtesy of BP and that terrible Deepwater Horizon disaster. Thanks Minnow!

Man, with these latest hi-resolution videos of the oil leak in the Gulf Coast, the problem looks entirely different and also more tragic. CNN Money also has a video to show. And again, another video of the leak in hires below.