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I am so glad that for once, somebody has uploaded an HD version of a “how it’s made” video. This one shows how ceramic disc brakes are made, something you’ll definitely want to watch in HD anyway.

This pilot ejects because his plane’s brakes failed and ultimately caused the jet to plunge into the water. This pilot ejects because his plane snapped the “stop-cable” which normally would prevent an aircraft from continuing on into the water. This pilot ejects because…well, I don’t know why. But his plane drops something big and then […]

In aviation terminology, an RTO, or rejected takeoff, is when an aircraft must abort a takeoff due to suspected or actual airplane malfunction that would affect it during flight. The video above simulates a break test on an Airbus A380 (currently the largest passenger jet in operation) during RTO. As you can see, the brakes […]