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Not exactly a fair comparison since I believe location determines a lot of factors when trying to figure out if somebody is trying to break into a car or just trying to get into their own car. I want to see what happens when this plays out in the exact same location.

This video explains how a bump key works and it’s all a bit scary that it can be done so easily. And to think, you can buy a bump key set online.

24/7. THE WAITING IS FINALLY OVER from Montana Colors on Vimeo. Madrid 24/7, a film about underground graffiti in Madrid, is said to be finished and ready for viewing very soon. For now, enjoy these clips posted here. Ballsy is just the beginning of it…


Whenever I get a new bag, I always try to wear it down as quickly as possible. I don’t like having my bags look pristine and new. I like them dirty, broken-in, and more or less old-looking. That’s why the Lived-In Classic Messenger from Timbuk2 caught my eye. The Lived-In Messenger comes in 3 colorways […]