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These Wong Fu Productions shorts get better and better each time. At around the 8:50 mark in this video, I can see the Ballona Creek Bike Path below. I used to bike there and look on towards the hill that she’s hiking up and wonder how to get there. Maybe in December…

About 30 seconds into this video, there is a really neat still shot of Scrabble pieces flying in the air and spelling out a title. This caught my eye and made me watch the rest of this short film about how a cleanse turns two people into horrible monsters who hate each other…or does it? […]


Didn’t Gwen Stefani write her best material for No Doubt when she was going through a breakup with her bandmate (and No Doubt bassist) Tony Kanal?

Writer and director Marko Slavnic made this cute short film about a couple on the verge of a breakup at a restaurant only to be saved by the most unusual of circumstances. I love this