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Watch this ABC News segment on two people who have gone to extreme lengths with plastic surgery. The first, Justin Jedlica, has had over 90 plastic surgery procedures done to make himself look like he works out 24/7. Lacey Wildd has had multiple surgeries to make her breasts size LLL. And she’s intending to make […]

Are you small-chested or an Asian female? Then check out what the Chinese have developed just for you! It’s a bra/corset that easily tightens (like a shoelace) to make your boobs a whole size (or more) bigger — instantly!!! If you know how to tie a shoe or pull the cords on a sweatshirt, then […]


Photo by Jack Muramatsu Damn, look at the paint job on this mural on E. 7th Street in LA. It’s done by INSA for the LA Freewalls Project. NICE!