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I will never look at a Tic Tac box the same way ever again. Did you know that the Tic Tac box design actually helps you get just one Tic Tac out of the plastic encasing? Normally, I’ve always had two or more fall out which means that I end up eating two or more […]

Adam Kimmel dressed David Blaine in some fancy clothes and dunked him into the ocean off the island of Guadalupe where he was then surrounded by sharks with no protective gear. David Blaine proceeded to hold his breath underwater — like he does above water when he does his endurance “magic tricks”. The video is […]

Wreck & Salvage remixed Sarah Palin’s recent video about the shooting of Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and noted that the former Alaskan governor has some weird pauses for breathing. I’ve always noticed this but seeing them all one after another in the video above is slightly disturbing. Sarah Palin’s remarks about the shooting were widely […]