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I post a link to this every year on the anniversary of 9/11. And every year it still amazes me that there exists a free online archive of over 3000 hours of television broadcasts from all over the world for up to 7 days after the events of September 11. It’s part of the September 11 […]

The Verge produced this lovely video piece in conjunction with SB Nation on how Fox Broadcasting produces and puts on one of the most watched sports programs on television: the NFL. It’s an amazing coordination of technology, people, and talent that really makes me appreciate flipping on the TV and being able to watch a […]

This is so amazing. It’s only 9AM and I already have a feeling that this will be the neatest thing I see all weekend long.

This video from Nine News in Sydney, Australia dates back to 2010 but it’s still relevant today because I’m sure news broadcasts haven’t changed much in the 3 years since. It still involves high level of precision and timing and coordination between various rooms of people as you’ll see in this real-time broadcast. There are […]

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This coming Tuesday, October 9th at 10AM PST, Maxis is broadcasting a live gameplay of SimCity. This is incredibly nerdy, but I’m hoping to tune in to check it out. Here’s all the info if you want to join.