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Live video from your iPhone using Ustream If you don’t own a TV, here’s a web broadcast courtesy of CBS and Ustream of the live memorial events happening at Ground Zero, the Pentagon, and in Pennsylvania.


I was walking The High Line the other night and came across Kevin Cooley’s installation piece called Remote Nation. The project is on public display at 245 Tenth Avenue (on The High Line between 24th and 25th Streets) and features several floors of an unfinished apartment building being lit up by simultaneous TV broadcasts. From […]

A yet unknown Southwest Airlines pilot accidentally broadcast the embedded audio rant above sometime in March of this year and was subsequently suspended by the airline for misconduct. The tirade involved comments about gays and fellow flight attendants and kind of turns me off from their spectacular flight deals celebrating 40 years in the industry.


Eric Eberhardt has created a series of websites called You Are Listening To… that mixes police radio broadcasts with ambient music. I already listen to NYPD broadcasts regularly (it’s soothing as background sound) and this just puts it on another level. Right now, several versions are available for New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, […]


Jimmy Eat World is currently broadcasting a LIVE rehearsal from their studio. Tune in to their ustream channel to chat and hear the band do their thing! YAY! Live Broadcast by Ustream.TV


Send these internet test bars to the person you think would have their volume turned up the highest. [via]