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Remember that sidewalk clock at Maiden Lane and Broadway? Here’s a look at what’s underneath the sidewalk and how maintenance workers repair and wind the clock.

The Hollywood Reporter uploaded this amazing roundtable talk with 6 Tony award nominated actors:¬†Neil Patrick Harris, Jefferson Mays, Andy Karl, James Monroe Iglehart, Chris O’Dowd, and Tony Shalhoub. Such talented actors with such a wide range of skills. The video is long –¬†almost 50 minutes — but it’s totally worth watching (or just listening) to.


    Amazing archival photo of Broadway and 7th Street in Los Angeles in 1943.

This is an old video from 2013. This one is the same event that was stopped by the NYPD. Well, sort of.

This might be my favorite studio tour ever. The handmade feel of his films transfers directly to his studio space where just about everything is built by himself for a purpose. It’s messy but in a beautiful way and I would love to build out a space of my own modeled after this. Check out […]

Here’s a hilarious video of NYPD unsuccessfully trying to stop the annual Broadway Bomb, an event where crowds of skateboarders and longboarders travel downtown via Broadway.