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I am all for this. LA’s sidewalks are terrible in most places. Can’t skate them, can’t walk them, can’t ride ‘em. Get it fixed Garcetti.

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This is pretty ridiculous from a user standpoint. For several days now, YouTube has basically stopped working for those of us who watch our channel subscriptions via the website. Where the used to be a “Load more” button at the subscriptions list is now just a blank space that shows up after about 30 videos […]

Hey! Here’s a supercut of people in movies fixing mechanical issues with a good slap and a kick.

Remember that awesome prank where a guy makes people think he dropped his iMac? Here’s part 2!


Chances are that if you’ve been using the internet for a while you’ve stumbled upon the broken image icon. While it’s use is disappearing these days, it can still be found in certain places if you use the right browser. Designed by Marsh Chamberlin during his early days at Netscape, the icon was the first […]

Repair Is Beautiful is a short film about Paulo Goldstein and his work to repair objects big and small with expert craftsmanship and design. From lawnchairs to iPods, Paulo has combined wood, thread, and metal to fix objects that he has either bought broken or broken himself through use.