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Robert Moses’ plan to connect The Bronx, Queens, and Long Island. It would have ended up like the Tacoma-Narrows Bridge (which collapsed) without constant renovations and upgrades.


Photo: James and Karla Murray I’m in love with this photo of the Loew’s Paradise Theatre in the Bronx taken by James and Karla Murray for their new book New York Nights.


Remember that crappy photo of the giant rat caught in the housing projects in NY? It was a gambian pouched rat of some sort and it looks like another one has been caught (see photo above). Man, imagine that running across your kitchen floor.


Arch Daily has posted some amusing mockups from in situ studio of their proposed High Bridge restructuring and revitalization plan. in situ studio hopes that the opening of the High Bridge will bring back a sense of community to this area of Washington Heights which has been cut off ever since the bridge closed in […]