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Neat video showing how Microsoft Cortana is integrated into Microsoft’s next web browser (currently codenamed Spartan). No more new tabs just to look up quick information. I like it.

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This is so fantastic! Google released a new robust and feature-packed Chrome browser extension called Bookmark Manager that does a much better job of helping you organize your browser bookmarks. It works with your Chrome browser (as long as you’re signed in) and comes with a pretty nifty interface to help you sort, manage, save, […]

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Remember Popcorn Time, the app that let you stream torrents of movies and TV shows effortlessly on your computer without having to download them first? Well, now there’s Joker, a website that lets you do basically the same thing. That’s right. Stream torrents right inside your browser. Nothing to download. I haven’t actually gotten it to work, […]


Well, this is fun! The 100 Meter Scroll is an in-browser game that ranks you on how fast you can scroll.

Whoa! Another fantastic demonstration of the power inside the Chrome browser. Just like the Chrome Rollit experiment, Super Sync Sports connects your mobile phone with your computer to let you play some simple and fun competitive racing games. Try it out here!