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This is neat. SNESbox¬†is a website that emulates an SNES in your browser, all for free. The emulator uses Adobe Flash to work and after an initial learning stage to get your keyboard buttons correct, the SNES works rather well. Quite a bit of fun if you’re bored at work.

one tab

I am going to make use of this so much! One Tab is a Chrome browser extension that saves your open tabs as a list that you can recall one by one if needed. The purpose of this extension is to reduce memory usage — from many tabs being open to just one tab being […]

I love this commercial for Internet Explorer that plays on all of the things I love and miss about the 90s.

This might be my favorite Chrome browser extension. If you miss the days of AOL, then this extension will bring you back with a nice little “You’ve Got Mail!” announcement every time you get something in your Gmail inbox. Nostalgic and useful! Get it here!


This is by far the best plugin/extension I’ve used for Google Chrome. YouTube Options for Google Chrome¬†gives you a host of settings for YouTube that range from disabling auto-play to blocking ads to redesigning the site itself for better video viewing. From now on, this is a must on all Chrome browsers I use!