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Mission Workshop just unveiled these awesome Rambler (44L) and Vandal (64L) backpacks with COBRA Buckles that are available now for $315 and $345. Really wish my Vandal had this!


OH WHAT! Check out this oversized Krang belt!! Yes, it’s going to be huge on your belt, but it has to be huge. It’s KRANG and he’s supposed to live in a stomach! Get this amazing piece for just over $200.

This VX Rucksack is part of Mission Workshop’s Advanced Projects Series, a group of limited edition bags that feature high quality materials and buckles like the Arkiv® closure system featured in this video. Really interesting seeing it in action, but I wish I had a chance to see how it actually held together. You can […]


In addition to announcing that Fixed Fight 4 prize bag, R.E.Load has also unveiled their new hybrid strap system that’s going to debut on their SuperLuxe messenger bag (think of it as the upgrade to their Deluxe messenger bag). I haven’t played with it personally, but from the looks of it, I think it might […]