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Visited this place today to take some photos. Mine aren’t nearly as good as this one above or these shown here. The aftermath is insane in person. Completely leveled.

Video shows East Village building collapsing after explosion and intense fire. (courtesy of Daniel Berkowitz.)Watch updates LIVE on NY1: http://bit.ly/1ACyxrg

Posted by NY1 on Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wheel building isn’t the easiest thing to do┬ábut with the help of some machines, it seems easy enough to do it all day long. Pretty cool process from start to finish.

Look at this. It’s a truck that has a curved top to allow for easy building of an archway structure at an incredible pace. If you want to see how this company builds arches without this truck, look at the video after the jump.

Awesome video of the VW Golf MK 7 being made. No cheesy music. No stupid voice-over explaining every single little process. Just good, clear video of a car being made.