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This is the Saab Barracuda Soft Armour wall. It basically eats bullets for meals. No ricochets and no penetration. I’m not exactly sure how it works, but inside the wall are many small ceramic balls that are able to stop bullets from going through to the other side. Impressive.

I just found this out and it’s hilarious. Apparently the developers of the game Crysis Warhead decided to go about fighting video game pirates by changing all of the bullets in the game into chickens. The change happens when a crack is applied to the game, and even worse for the gamers, is that the […]

WEIGHT OF A BULLET I short documentary from Jeremy Adams on Vimeo. Jeremy Adams produced this short video about a man named Wes Ware (and his buddy) who spends some of his time looking for ancient Civil War relics such as bullets. Pretty interesting.

This is pretty insane, but it’s true apparently. In an attempt to curb rebel efforts, the Syrian government has begun to leak (or distribute) tainted or dirty ammunition to rebel soldiers which explode inside guns when fired. This tactic can kill or maim rebel soldiers. Syria isn’t the only government to use this tactic on […]