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Redmond Pie┬áposted a video review of the Tech21 Impact Band Case/Bumper for the iPhone 5. It’s a malleable case that looks cool and seems to do a decent job of protecting your precious phone from drops and impacts. If you like what you see you can get one here for $29. My personal pick? The […]


In some ways this is a bit like the Karas Kustoms iPhone 5 case except that the mechanism required to take your phone out requires only a simple turn of your fingers rather than a set of tools. The TRIGGER case by 4thdesign is a full metal bumper case that is slightly enlarged on the […]

Ugh, this would have been great without the film on the back and front. I just want the aluminum bumper. Still, at $55 (the lowest pledge available at the moment), I guess it’s worth the money. I personally still stand behind my screw-required Karas Kustoms case for the iPhone 5.