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This is the first time I’m seeing this and it seems like a big issue. Big enough that now there’s a possible impending class-action lawsuit filed against Apple about how they aren’t preventing customers from buying these 15″ Retina MacBook Pros with defective LG displays (the ones that don’t have the burn-in issue have Samsung displays). […]

Check out this laser-cut toaster by Scott van Haastrecht which searches Google Images for the day’s date and prints out a 6×6 pixel image of a random result from the page onto your morning toast. Abstract, but fun to eat!

Burning stuff with solar power

The YouTube description for this video says that the heat generated here is about 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, but commenters are saying that if ti can melt glass, which it does, then it’s probably closer to 3000 degrees. That’s insane. And so damn close to their hands!