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The news report above says up to 50,000 gallons were spilled, but NBC Los Angeles is only reporting 10,000 gallons spilled. Not that that 2nd number is any less significant, but that seems to be a big range. But damn, slick neighborhood for sure.

This is done so well that I actually believed for a second that this was real. But it’s not. Instead, it’s the very good work of Jiyong Shin who modeled this CGI bunny bubble from an actual slow-motion capture of a real bubble bursting. Just watch.

Somebody told me that one of the most important things to have in a car is a fire extinguisher. It could mean the difference between replacing a single burnt out part or replacing the entire car.

That sound is so sweet! Canon EOS-1D X – Continuous Shooting Mode from photographyblog on Vimeo.

Sara just sent me this very odd Korean video of a group of guys basically placing about 500 rubber bands around a watermelon to see if it will explode. Well…it does. Very weird.