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Burton has made a camera bag called the F-Stop Pack that packs a lot of gear for when you’re at the top of the mountain and don’t want to leave anything to chance when it comes down to capturing the best shot possible. It’s hard to tell from just photos, but this looks on par […]


The Burton Transistor Cityline Pack from Urban Outfitters. [via] Nice looking bag and would be worth the money if it incorporated some kind of real leather bottom. What a shame.

Wow, I am so ready for the 2010-2011 snowboarding season to start! Out with the hot weather already! Here’s a short film to get you pumped for some pow-pow!

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I’m really impressed with the color palette that Burton chose on their new Nickel series travel bags. Carrying luggage never seemed cool to me until now.

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Click to enlarge Very recently, Shaun White launched a line of apparel and accessories for Target that has helped put some of White’s slick fashion sense into the hands of the American shopper. To celebrate this collaboration, Target has unveiled some very large-scale billboards in New York’s Times Square that look pretty cool. The billboards […]

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Looking for a great seasonal gift but can’t narrow down the many choices that are available? Give Burton’s online holiday gift guide a spin. The site helps you pick items based on price, popularity, and overall rating. If you like the decision to come from a pro, they’ve got a section just for those goods […]