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I have an incentive to use PayPal over Square simply because of this card. It’s a bit weird though because I haven’t exactly figured out a proper way to pay off this card. Still working out some kinks I’m sure, but who knows, might be selling some Doobybrain stuff on the street and accepting PayPal […]


This Saturday, Midtown restaurant staple The Primeburger will close indefinitely due to change in building management. The classic 60s-style diner has been in operation for the last 74 years and the new building owner gave them virtually no notice to leave and find a new place. The employees and owners are hopeful though that they’ll […]


I thought my Moo Luxe Business Cards were pretty thick, but those are nothing compared to Murmure’s concrete business cards which Bobby just posted about. These things are gorgeous, probably not so useful to keep in a wallet, but definitely leaves an impression. Goregous, no?

I’m looking to print some new business cards (for my new business!) and these Luxe cards from MOO which are printed on Mohawk Superfine paper sure are enticing!


This is an interesting startup project. It’s called City Maps and it’s basically a real-time updated map of major metropolitan cities with business logos in place of buildings. It’s a totally new way to browse an area and one click on any business name or logo brings up relevant and useful information. Test drive it […]