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This is internet gold right here. Semi-famous (if you’ve followed the growth of CollegeHumor or BustedTees) — here’s an interview with Connected Ventures’ Jake Lodwick, Josh Abramson, Ricky Van Veen and Zach Klein (College Humor, Vimeo, BustedTees). Originally published February 14, 2005. New York City.


BustedTees has already produced an Invisible Obama 2012 T-shirt for $14. Celebrate the worst of Clint Eastwood’s RNC rant with an invisible Obama by wearing this T-shirt!

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Amanda was nice enough to send over a pack of playing cards from BustedTees which she was handing out to folks at Comic-Con. These definitely add some character to my already-existing collection of playing cards. THANK YOU!

Time Lapse Video of BustedTees ComicCon Model Painting from Jonny Cottone on Vimeo. I missed Comic-Con this weekend which means I missed this lovely BustedTees body paint model at their booth! Luckily, somebody filmed the body paint job and put it online. [via]


Photo by Noah Kalina BustedTees is selling a T-shirt that gives tribute to the hilarious video of one man’s excitement at seeing a double rainbow. Pick it up for just $20.