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I totally subscribe to this thinking expressed in this video from The Thrash Lab about taking time out of everyday life to relax. Busy means nothing if you aren’t getting real things done.

Injured bird? Can’t fly? At least the bird made it across safely, but there were a couple of close calls. [via]

Since December 2008, incidents of random acid attacks on busy Hong Kong streets have left about 100 people injured. But police now believe they may have captured the man responsible for the attacks after his latest incident of throwing a bottle off of a rooftop and onto a street in Kowloon. The man is said […]

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What in the world is going on with the layout of the New York Yankees website? It looks like the biggest jumbled mess I’ve ever seen. I go here to look up some information and all I want to do when I see the page is close it. Seriously, there’s too much going on here. […]