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By now, surely you all have heard of Kim Kardashian’s nude photos in Paper Magazine. But this. THIS. This is the video you need to watch. So ridiculously stupid but so funny.


Here’s a deliberate and careful collection of all of the butts at the MET. Yep, that’s all!

This is the sickest thing I’ve seen all day. BoingBoing points to this video of a hyena coming upon a giant dead elephant, and where does it make sense — naturally — to start consumption? In the softest part of the body of course, the anus. Keep watching for a good surprise.

You know, I’m not surprised at all that a Japanese person made this. What is it? It’s SHIRI, an artificial butt that responds to human touch by flexing its “muscles” and emitting a hydraulic pumping sound. Sexy, I know. Well, you have Nobuhiro Takahashi to thank for this odd invention. [via]