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This is what happens when you don’t push any buttons for a while in some video games.


Some good and bad news. But first the bad news: Beginning Monday, the MET will stop handing out those colorful metal buttons as admission tickets. Instead they will go with printed paper tickets with removable stickers. The good news? Well, the MET will be open 7 days a week now instead of being closed on […]


This will never replace a real pinball machine. But if you use your iPad for only playing pinball, then this $60 accessory might be worth it. [via]

Weird old Ford bought of Craigslist with an odd steering wheel, a bunch of switches, and an electrical moving graph of some sort. One clever YouTube commenter told the owner to take it to 88MPH and see what happens. [via]


A bit in love with UI Parade for its lovely showcase of various switches and buttons in UI design. The lighted rocker switch is gorgeous.

Wow, check out this music video made by Chicago-based Fruit Bonus that splices together everyday sounds to create a new tune. Pretty wonderful! [via]