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Somebody made this video to sell their Volvo 245GL (1993). If you want it, you can contact the owner in the video description.


So…if you ever wished the web could offer you a to-do list with the Sophisticated Cat Meme as its basis,well then, here you go.


A post by Hugh Day over at PetaPixel about how certain types of gear-acquisition-syndrome can actually make somebody fall out of love with photography.

Did you know that over at GovDeals.com, you can buy confiscated items from the TSA? The Pennsylvania-based liquidation company works directly with the TSA to offer everything from sports gear to actual weapons at low-cost. Here are some interesting ones: A $500 Ford F-350 XL former Police ambulance truck A 1980 American Lafrance Century Ladder […]

Slow-Motion Fireworks: The Story of You

A new site called The Union Co. aims to be the starting point for social change by selling products which encourage you to keep giving to communities worldwide. They already have an assortment of items to purchase, with each item specifically helping a particular place with a need. Prices range from cheap to expensive and […]

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Carl Richards’ personal finance sketches on napkins explain the basic principle behind the idea that sometimes it’s worth your money to spend more on a good quality product that will last a long time. In short this is what he says: When we settle for stuff that we don’t really want, and instead buy stuff […]