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This is my favorite GTA mod so far. Right up there with the Delorean mod. The sheer absurdity of watching Woody and his army of Buzz Lightyears run amok in Times Square while spitting Street Fighter lines is just so amazingly funny.

Earlier this year, I posted some photos from NASA of the Z-1 spacesuit which was inspired in part by Buzz Lightyear’s outfit from Toy Story. In the videos here we get a better understanding of how this suit was developed and what it means for future astronauts in space who may be wearing this.

I wouldn’t mind watching a movie mixing 3D animation with the toys from Toy Story in a real-life setting. This looked amazing, even if it is just an ad for Disneyland Resort.


Explore just linked to the NASA Flickr where they are showing off the new Z-1 Spacesuit Prototype, inspired by Buzz Lightyear it seems.