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I’ve always wondered why Apple never incorporated their MagSafe adapter to work on the iPhone. Why is it that I have to plug it in at all actually? Cabin is a Kickstarter project that aims to get rid of that pesky cord (by making you purchase another cord) with a magnetic adapter. Trips, falls, and […]

Posting this video above because I like the behind-the-scenes video below (after the jump). The steadicam used here is a BeSteady One.


The photos from Adventure Journal of the Tin Hat Cabin are pretty remarkable. The photos include the process showing how it was built too. Beautiful landscape!


Photo by Patrick Joust Sometimes going low makes all the difference in a photo. For example, check out this photo (above) of a wooden cabin frame in Maine.


Man, talk about a longterm photo project! This CNN report shows photos of 5 friends who have maintained their friendship over 30 years and on top of that have taken a silly portrait of themselves in the same positions just about every year since 1987.

Gizmodo posted this video of a Boeing 767 from All Nippon Airways landing so violently that it twisted the plane’s fuselage. Pretty freaky that this can happen to an airplane.