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PROGRAM has a great gallery of images of Ethan Hayes-Chute’s various huts made from found objects. At a quick glance, his creations look genuine and lived-in, but in actuality they are created specifically for its viewer and its place. If you want to see more photos, Inhabitat has a couple of more images.


That’s right! You read that headline correctly! IT’S FREE CABIN PORN! All the gorgeous, unique, and odd cabin and tent photos you can look at, all without a single credit card transaction! Why don’t you start here and see how far you get? If you’re curious, the cabin above is Jérôme Dreyfuss and Isabel Marant’s […]

This is the first time I’m seeing the X-Prize winning E-Tracer, an all-electric cabin-style motorcycle that can get around 205 mpg. It’s pricey at around $100,000, but it hopes to alleviate some of the pollution and transportation problems in California where it will be sold first sometime this year (or is it out on the […]


Unabomber Cabin, Sacramento, CA by Richard Barnes I didn’t know this until reading YMFY, but apparently the FBI confiscated Theodore Kaczynski’s entire cabin from the woods after his capture on April 3, 1996. There was so much evidence in there that the FBI literally just picked up the whole thing and moved it into a […]

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BMW uses a model to demonstrate decreased wind turbulence in the new 3-series cabin.


I don’t know if kapi took this photo or found it somewhere, but it’s making me laugh. [via]