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I like this ZenDock Pro from Zenboxx. It’s a $159 accessory that allows you to keep all of your peripherals and cords plugged in even after you close your laptop and leave for work/home. The ZenDock Pro is a single-action plug-in peripheral that gives you ethernet, FireWire 800, Thunderbolt, speaker and mic input, and 3 […]


Want to see chaos? Enjoy Cable Fail. Want to see perfection? Enjoy Cable Porn.

Really enjoying these two videos posted at Core77 of a German company named Igus which has developed a plastic-based cable management system that allows cables within it to bend, twist, and rotate an infinite number of times without getting tangled or stretched.

While the next iPhone is going to have a smaller dock connector, those of us with iPhone 4S and below models are still going to need replacement and extra sync cables, and Eastern Collective just released what I think is probably the best looking iPhone sync cable out there. Check out their entire woven cable […]


I don’t personally have enough desk space for these Power Lines from Ballou Projects, but I can appreciate their usefulness for getting cord clutter out of the way.