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Photo by Urban1Cycle Urban Velo already gave the $150 Walmart Cachet bicycle a decent review, and now it seems that Urban1Cycle is sounding in with a relatively satisfactory review as well. Again, it’s not an extreme performance bike, but for what it is and at the price it’s at, this cheap bicycle is definitely doing […]


A couple of weeks ago, the internet was abuzz about a new $150 bike from Walmart that some were going so far as to call “the end of cycling”. Sure, it’s a cheap bike from a place that some despise for their business practices, but I would hardly call it an end to cycling as […]


The biggest news in the bike community lately seems to be that Walmart has begun selling a $150 complete bicycle. The Mongoose 700c Cachet is presumably (and I say that only because the product description doesn’t say much) an aluminum single-speed bike that comes with front and rear brakes. Hard-core riders aren’t happy that Walmart […]